The 50 Awesome Choir Warm-Ups EBOOK!


The 50 Awesome Choir Warm-Ups EBOOK!





Do you find yourself using the same warm-ups over and over with your choir?

Do you feel like your choir is just “going through the motions” during warm-up time?

Whether your warm-ups need an overhaul, or you want to add to your rehearsal toolbox, I have a new resource for you:

The 50 Awesome Choir Warm-Ups That Will Focus and Engage Your Singers EBOOK!


This ebook (in PDF format) takes you through 50 of my favorite choir warm-ups. They are organized into five main categories:

  • Breath
  • Tone/Vocal Production
  • Listening/Intonation
  • Vocal Agility/Range Extension
  • Physical/Full-Body Warm-Ups

The book makes the warm-ups easy to find and will help you choose that perfect warm-up for your rehearsal. I take you through my warm-up process, including how I select warm-ups for my choir rehearsals. And finally, the book dives into the warm-ups; it includes a thorough explanation of each warm-up, including notation (where applicable).

Choir warm-ups are one of the most important parts of a rehearsal. And this book will help you make warm-ups not only productive and engaging, but fun! I know you will find this ebook to be a valuable resource in your teaching!






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