Choir March Madness Listening Project

Choir March Madness Listening Project




For college basketball fans, March is one of the craziest times of year–that’s right, “March Madness”!  But why should the sports world have all the fun?  Bring all of the fun and excitement of the NCAA Tournaments to your singers with the Choir March Madness Listening Project!  

While March is perfect for this activity, you can really do this activity with your singers any time of the year.  If you are looking for an activity where your singers can learn about great choir performances, and hit multiple national standards in the process….it could be April Anarchy, May Mania, doesn’t matter!

I like to do this project together in class with my singers–we watch the choir performance videos together and discuss each one.  The singers then fill out their own “choir bracket” based on their favorite, and they do a reflection at the end discussing why those particular pieces were their favorites.

You can choose to take as much time as you want with the project–you can do it together in class, or you can do a little bit together and then have your singers finish the activity on their own.  It would also be a great project to use for sub plans when you have to be away from school!  And the best part–it’s all done for you!  All you need is a way to show the choir videos included in the project to your singers.

Here’s what you get in the Choir March Madness Bundle:

  • Seven different choir “brackets” (each in their own Google Spreadsheet), each containing 32 different pieces of choral music.  Your students will watch a video for each one, and then pick the “winner” of each “matchup” (they select their favorite!).  There are 3 brackets of SATB choir videos, 2 brackets of TTBB, and 2 brackets of SSAA.  That’s 224 total choir videos for you, all set up and ready to go for you!
  • A Google Slides presentation that accompanies each choir bracket.  These Slides presentations contain all of the YouTube videos for the choral pieces in each bracket.  And the great thing about embedding YouTube videos into Google Slides–there are no ads, no suggested videos–just the video you want to see!
  • You will also get access the Student Instructions Google Doc that I use for each project, which describes the logistics of the project for my students, as well as a copy of the Google Form Choir Bracket Reflection that I use at the end of the project.

This is one of my students’ favorite projects every year–I know your students are going to love it as well!

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