The Choir Director Corner Recommended Repertoire Lists!


The Choir Director Corner Recommended Repertoire Lists!

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Are you tired of spending hours upon hours searching for high-quality, fun and engaging repertoire for your choir?




Introducing….The Choir Director Corner Recommended Repertoire Lists!


I started my career looking for choir repertoire like most choir directors–spending hours, days, weeks looking for just the right repertoire for my choirs.


Hours I will never get back, searching through recordings, digging through YouTube videos, scanning through thousands of Facebook posts, and attending countless reading sessions where I was lucky if I found one piece that I would be excited about programming.


There are so many challenges in searching through repertoire: it has to be music that I like, and that my singers will like, that will provide a valuable learning experience for my singers, that is also developmentally appropriate.

And those are just the first level of requirements!


In my endless quest to serve other choir directors, I came up with the idea to create a resource that would make the search for choral repertoire as painless as possible.

Thus, the CDC Recommended Repertoire Lists were born!


There were some parameters that I followed in creating these lists:

-Each list contains 50 different pieces of music listed! Each listing includes the title, the composer, voicing, the publisher, instrumentation needed (if any), and a URL link to a recording of the piece.

-All of the pieces are pieces that I have either: programmed in the past, hoping to program in the future, or that come highly recommended by other highly-respected choir directors.

-There is NO FLUFF! All of the music is high-quality, providing many different learning experiences and opportunities for your singers to develop their musical skills!

-There is a wide variety, including music from numerous cultures, lighter and/or humorous numbers, and music by a wide assortment of composers. There is also a good mix of “choral standards” and new choral music.

-The lists are organized by difficulty level, so that you can easily choose something that is at an appropriate difficulty level for your choir.


Here are the Repertoire Lists included in this collection:

SAB Beginning/Intermediate Vol. 1

SAB Beginning/Intermediate Vol. 2

SATB Beginning, Vol. 1

SATB Beginning, Vol. 2

SATB Intermediate, Vol. 1

SATB Intermediate, Vol. 2

SATB Advanced, Vol. 1

SATB Advanced, Vol. 2

SSA Beginning/Intermediate, Vol. 1

SSA Beginning/Intermediate, Vol. 2

SSA Intermediate/Advanced, Vol. 1

SSA Intermediate/Advanced, Vol. 2

TTB Beginning/Intermediate, Vol. 1

TTB Intermediate/Advanced, Vol. 1

TTB Intermediate/Advanced, Vol. 2


Ready to stop spending an eternity searching for choir rep, and questioning whether what you pick will actually be a good fit for your choir?

Then get your copy of The CDC Recommended Repertoire Lists, and get your life back! 😉





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