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Where In Your Teaching Do You Struggle?

-Choosing Quality Choir Warm-Ups

-Planning Productive, Engaging Rehearsals

-Quickly Preparing Your Musical Scores In A Meaningful Way

-Selecting Appropriate Repertoire That Your Singers Enjoy

-Building Vocal Blend In Your Choir

-How to Encourage Healthy Vocal Technique

-Creating Beautiful Choral Tone

-Building Music Literacy Skills

-How to Assess Your Singers Authentically And Efficiently

-Having Enough Time In The Day To Get Everything Done!

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What are members of the CDC Community saying?

Here’s what member Linda H. had to say about the CDC Community Membership:

“The courses inside the CDC Community Membership were exactly what I needed. I wanted something comprehensive to walk me through teaching at the high school level. Every course was fantastic because it contained step-by-step instruction on HOW to implement everything I was struggling with: assessment, choral placement, sight singing, rehearsal techniques, great warmups, repertoire, etc.


By using the resources inside the membership, I have gained more confidence and my choirs are really improving. I needed a base of knowledge and practical “how-to’s” to help me get organized and moving forward.


Matt has been like having a personal mentor and coach. I would highly recommend learning from him!”



Choose Your Own Adventure–Where Do You Need Help?

PDF Rehearsal Planner

My PDF Rehearsal Planner is especially made for choir directors, with pages for daily, weekly and monthly rehearsal plans.  Save yourself time, and increase the productivity of your rehearsals!

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My Ten Favorite Warm-Ups for Teaching Vocal Technique

In this free training and PDF I share ten of my favorite choir warm-ups for teaching vocal technique.  I detail each warm-up, cover learning objectives, and include musical notation (where applicable)!

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Ten Choir Rehearsal Strategies to Empower & Engage Your Singers!

In this free training and PDF I share ten of my favorite strategies for empowering and engaging singers.  Create more productive rehearsals AND more independent musicians at the same time!

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“The Proof is in the Pudding!”

For many choir directors, the “Proof is in the Pudding!”  So you may be saying, Matt, this all sounds good, but do your strategies and resources actually work? Do your choirs actually sound good? 

Which is one reason why I have listed quite a few performance recordings of my high school choirs on The Choir Director Corner SoundCloud Page. These are here for you to enjoy and to serve as a resource–maybe find the next piece for your choir?  You can find the recordings HERE.

I hope you enjoy them!





I want to hear from you!  What topics would you be interested in learning more about? Is there a particular part of your teaching that you would like help with? Something that you would like some input on? What choir director resources would you find helpful in your teaching?

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