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Where In Your Teaching Do You Struggle?

-Choosing Quality Choir Warm-Ups

-Planning Productive, Engaging Rehearsals

-Quickly Preparing Your Musical Scores In A Meaningful Way

-Selecting Appropriate Repertoire That Your Singers Enjoy

-Building Vocal Blend In Your Choir

-How to Arrange The Singers In Your Choir

-Creating Beautiful Choral Tone

-Building Music Literacy Skills

-How to Assess Your Singers Authentically And Efficiently

-Having Enough Time In The Day To Get Everything Done!

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Find yourself frustrated, stressed out and doubting yourself?    I GET IT!

As an experienced middle school/high school choir director and collegiate voice teacher, I’ve been EXACTLY in your shoes.  And now, I’m using those experiences to help choir directors everywhere grow as professionals.  Here’s the response from one happy choir director:


“GREAT TRAINING!!! Thank you so much for your clear explanations and specific examples.” — Maria D.


For many choir directors, the “Proof is in the Pudding!”  Which is why I have shared performance recordings of my choirs, which you can find HERE.




I want to hear from you!  What topics would you be interested in learning more about? Is there a particular part of your teaching that you would like help with? Something that you would like some input on? What choir director resources would you find helpful in your teaching?

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