The Choir Director End of the Year To-Do List!

In episode 29 of the Choir Director Corner Podcast, I’m going through my “End of the Year To-Do List” for Choir Directors.  This list will help you finish off the year strong, as well as give you a boost for next Fall!  For many of the items on the list, I have a resource that will help you check that item off the list!  Links to those resources can be found below.  Time to get busy! 🙂

End of the Year To-Do List

10: Double-check your choir rosters for the Fall

Make sure no one gets left out, and do a final check with the directors at your feeder schools that you’ve got everyone from their groups enrolled!


9: Spend any leftover money in your program’s accounts

One great use of money for your program is Sight Reading Factory.  Here’s my Sight Reading Factory Post, which talks about how I’ve used SRF in my program:


8: PURGE! 

Costumes, storage rooms, whatever–if you haven’t used it in a year, do you really need it?  Time to get rid of things you don’t use.  You’ll be glad you did!

7: Give your music library an overhaul

Here’s a post about how I organized my previous music library.  Super easy to set up, and easy to find music!  The post link:


6: Create your choir final!

If you’re still wondering what to do for your choir’s final assessment, check out Podcast episode #28: Give your choir final AND select repertoire–at the same time!


5: Plan a choir retreat

Doesn’t have to be fancy…grill some hot dogs, play some games, and maybe even get a head start on some music!

4: Summer Reading List

If you are searching for some good books related to teaching, make sure you check out the CDC Recommended Reading List!  Here’s a link:


3: Re-evaluate your concert programs

While it’s fresh in your brain, it may be time to re-evaluate your concert programs.  Want something easy to use, that will make your programs look ultra-professional?  Check out my post on using Canva to make your concert programs:


2: Get a head start on selecting repertoire

Need some help getting started on finding repertoire for next year?  Make sure you check out Podcast episode #19:  Nine Resources That You May Not Have Heard Of to Find Great Choir Repertoire!


1: Summer Professional Development Plan

What’s your plan for this summer?  What teaching topics do you really want to dig into this fall?  In what areas of being a choir director are you looking for growth?  What teaching tools would you like to add to your toolbox?

Well, next Monday, May 17th, I’m going to be announcing the launch of a new professional development resource for choir directors.  It’s still in the very beginning stages, but my vision is that this resource will include content, but it will also include an online, collaborative community for choir directors–kind of like a choir director mastermind, if you will. 

I will be coming out with a bonus episode of the podcast on Monday where I discuss more of the details, and I will also be talking about it over in our Facebook group, which you can find over at:   So, if this resource sounds like something that would be right up your alley, then make sure you tune in on Monday for more of the details!


Best of luck on that to-do list, my friends….let’s finish out the year strong! 🙂

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