Rehearsal Wisdom from Dr. Edith Copley

There’s been a LOT of things going on lately, and one of the things we’ve been involved in recently was the Iowa All-State Chorus.  This year, it was Dr. Edith Copley leading the choir, and she was AMAZING!  Throughout the weekend, she shared a number of rehearsal concepts with the singers that are pretty much universal, no matter what it is that you are singing.  These nuggets of rehearsal wisdom were just too valuable not to share, so I’m sharing some of Dr. Copley’s rehearsal concepts in Episode 50 of the Choir Director Corner Podcast, which you can find HERE.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Copley’s rehearsal concepts, below I’ve posted a list from Dr. Copley that she shared at the ICDA Summer Symposium a number of years ago.  It’s chock full of fantastic rehearsal ideas, I know you will find it useful!

If you are looking for more rehearsal ideas and techniques, make sure you check out the Choir Director Corner Community Membership, which is full of rehearsal techniques, tips and strategies, as well as dozens of resources that will save you time and make your rehearsals more productive! 

Here’s to more engaging, fun and productive rehearsals! 




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