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What is the Choir Director Corner Community Membership?


It’s a membership where you can collaborate with choir directors just like you! As a member of the CDC Community, you have access to an online community of choir directors, as well as practical teaching resources that will save you time and make your rehearsals more productive, efficient, and engaging!



What is included in the Choir Director Corner Community Membership?


The CDC Community Membership includes:

The CDC Online Course Library, which has online courses and workshops broken up into short, digestible portions. Courses include:

Mapping Out Your Rehearsals: The Rehearsal Planning Process

Streamlining the Choral Rehearsal Process

Building Music Literacy Skills

Arranging the Choir Based On Vocal Blend

and more!

Access to the Choir Heroes Sight Reading Curriculum, a brand new resource that utilizes it’s own ten-step progression to help students build their sight reading skills. In this program you are provided with sight reading examples and video lessons, as well as rehearsal games and activities every month!

The CDC Resource Library, which is a library of over 50 worksheets, rubrics, templates and activities to use in your everyday teaching and productivity. There are singing assessment rubrics, lesson plan templates, concert reflection forms, handouts for special projects, and more!

Monthly LIVE Collaboration Calls via Zoom, where you can collaborate with other fellow choir directors, offer feedback and get your questions answered! These videos will be archived on the website if you are unable to attend.

Repertoire Ideas in the form of a collection of 5 in 5 Repertoire Ideas Videos and our collection of Recommended Repertoire Lists!

A Private Facebook Group, where like-minded choir directors can ask questions, offer feedback, and celebrate successes!


Is there anything else?


Why YES, there is a Special VIP Bonus! You will also get a copy of my PDF, The Big, Big Guide to Rehearsal Techniques!, which features 75 AWESOME choir rehearsal techniques that you can use to engage and empower your singers. It also includes the techniques as printable flashcards, great when you are looking for that perfect activity for your next rehearsal!


How much does it cost to be a member?

Now, you can take advantage of our annual option–$199 for access for 12 months–which means compared to the monthly price, you get two months FREE!

And, as long as you remain a member in good standing, your price is “locked in”–your price will never go up, even when the price of the membership goes up!

Sounds amazing! How do I join?

Just click below to join today!