The Choir Concert Year Programming Challenge!

The Choir Concert Year Programming Challenge!




We all know that selecting repertoire for our choirs is one of the most stressful and time-consuming tasks in our job.

So let’s map out the literature for your concerts for the entire year, TOGETHER!

In this five-day pre-recorded workshop (originally taught live, 60 minutes each day), we will cover everything you need to program your entire year of concerts:

-Discuss the Criteria I Use in Selecting Choir Repertoire
-Learning Objectives and Ensemble Goals to Consider
-How to Evaluate Whether a Piece is at the Appropriate Difficulty Level For Your Choir
-The Best Places to Find Quality Choral Literature
-Creating a System for Keeping Track of Potential Choir Repertoire Ideas
-Special Programming Considerations

Using several examples of ensembles, with a variety of age groups, voicings and singing experience, I will then take you through the process for mapping out your choir repertoire for the entire year! I will also share with you several examples of Yearly Concert Plans that you can pull from and use with your own ensembles!

And, if you really want to save some time, there’s a special bonus: The CDC Recommended Repertoire Lists! 
This is a Google Spreadsheet LOADED with repertoire ideas that I recommend to other choir directors, organized by voicing and ensemble experience level.

At the end of the workshop, you will have your Yearly Concert Plan totally finished!

*Choir directors that complete the Choir Concert Year Programming Challenge are eligible to receive a certificate for completed Contact Hours to submit to your school district.  Please check with your district to confirm that they will approve your Workshop attendance for Contact Hours.

I think you’ll get tons of value out of this Choir Concert Year Programming Challenge.  Imagine how amazing it will feel to start the year with your own Yearly Concert Plan already finished!  

How do I get access to the Concert Programming Challenge? 

When you purchase the workshop, you will receive a link on the Confirmation Page to the Workshop Resources PDF.  When you click on that link, the Workshop PDF should appear in your web browser.  Download the PDF to your desktop, as it contains all of the live links for ALL of the resources in the Workshop–video lessons, Google Docs/PDF resources, and more!

What else do I get when I join?

Along with access to all of the video lessons, you will also receive digital resources and templates that will be used throughout the workshop.  And, you’ll get a copy of the CDC Recommended Repertoire Lists!

Can’t wait to see you in the Challenge!


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