The CDC Choir Warm-ups Video Pack


The CDC Choir Warm-ups Video Pack




Frustrated and tired of selecting warm-ups for your choir?  Wish that your choir warm-ups were just “done for you”?  Need a warm-ups resource for subs to use?

The CDC Choir Warm-ups Video Pack is made just for you!

The CDC Choir Warm-ups Video Pack contains 50–that’s right, 50–warm-ups videos to use in your choir rehearsals.


Many of these warm-ups videos are of slides that contain music notation for the warm-up; the audio is of me singing each warm-up, with several repetitions included.  You simply instruct your singers to sing in their octave along with the video, and away you go!  Here’s an example:



Other videos show me on-screen leading your singers through the warm-up.  These are particularly helpful with warm-ups that involve physical movement!  Here’s an example:



You will receive the warm-ups videos in two formats:

1-You will receive a PDF listing all of the warm-ups, organized by category.  Each warm-up has a video link, with videos hosted by Vimeo.  The Vimeo player looks great, and is easy to use!

2-You will also get access to a Google Drive folder containing all of the warm-up videos.  Make sure you “Make a Copy”, and download them as you wish!


AND, you will also get….PRINTABLE FLASHCARDS!  Each flashcard lists the learning objectives of each choir warm-up (the primary learning objective listed first).  Print them out and keep them at your desk for when you looking for just the right warm-up for your next rehearsal.


ALL of this for just $29!


OR…..You can get access to the CDC Choir Warm-Ups Video Pack through the Choir Director Corner Community Membership–just $10 a month!

Head over to to get signed up today!




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