Choir Stations Handouts


Choir Stations Handouts

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It can be incredibly valuable to gather data on where your individual singers are currently at with their knowledge and skill level.

But HOW to gather that data can be a big challenge!

One of the ways that I gather valuable data is through the use of Choir Stations–singers rotate around the room and fill out a handout centered around a topic that serves as a pre-assessment.  I gather valuable data about where each singer is at, AND, I also use that time to listen to singers and place them in their section!

You can easily do this too, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!  If you’d like the work done for you, I’m sharing with you the PDF of the Stations Pre-Assessment Handouts that I use!  In this pack you will get nine PDF Handouts that cover:

  • Music Symbols, Parts 1 and 2
  • The Musical Staff
  • Note Identification (Treble and Bass Clef)
  • Key Signatures 101
  • Key Signature Identification
  • The Solfege Staircase (Review of Solfege Syllables)
  • Solfege Identification
  • Get to Know You Form


Use these PDF’s as graded assessments, or just as a pre-assessment to get a better understanding of where your singers are at, and how you should structure future instruction!

*By purchasing the Choir Stations Handouts PDF, you have permission to make as many copies as YOU need in YOUR choral classroom.  If you know other choir directors that would like to use this resource in their choral classroom, please refer them to this page 🙂

**Instead of purchasing this as a stand-alone purchase, you could get access to this resource as well as ALL of the resources in my online store by becoming a member of the CDC Community Membership!  You can find out more about the Membership at:


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