Choir Member’s Handbook


Choir Member’s Handbook



As a singer, it can be challenging to grasp all of the “ins and outs” of being a choir member:

-What’s expected of me as a choir member in rehearsal?

-What should I be doing in rehearsal, and when should I be doing it? And HOW do I do it?

-What knowledge and skills do I need in order to be a good musician?

-How do I support my fellow singers in rehearsal?

-What should I be doing outside of rehearsal?

-How do I become more of an independent musician?

And these are just some of the questions that our singers might have!  I decided that I needed to create a resource that addressed many of these questions, as well as the fact that singers were coming to me with a wide variety of experience levels and skill sets. 

So, I created a resource for my singers that shares with them the core skills, principles and understandings they will need to be a productive and successful choir member:

The Choir Member’s Handbook! 

This PDF Handbook takes singers through a number of topics, providing them with the fundamental and foundational choral music skills they need to be successful:

  • Parts of an Octavo
  • Musical Clefs
  • Time Signatures
  • Key Signatures
  • Notes and Rests
  • Tempo
  • Dynamics
  • Musical Symbols
  • Marking Your Score
  • The Sightreading Process
  • Singing Posture
  • Vocal Health

And it’s all included in a colorful “travel” theme, because being a choral singer is an amazing and wonderful journey!

Purchase the Choir Member’s Handbook and make a copy for your singers to put in their choir folder, so that they have a resource they can turn to again and again!

*By purchasing the Choir Member’s Handbook PDF, you have permission to make as many copies as YOU need in YOUR choral classroom.  If you know other choir directors that would like to use this resource in their choral classroom, please refer them to this page 🙂

**Instead of purchasing this as a stand-alone purchase, you could get access to this resource as well as ALL of the resources in my online store by becoming a member of the CDC Community Membership!  You can find out more about the Membership at:


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