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The journey from the first choir rehearsal to the concert can often be unclear, with many rehearsal challenges and obstacles along the way.

The Choir Director Corner Membership provides practical resources, collaboration and training to help choir directors conquer rehearsal challenges and arrive at a successful performance.

Introducing: The Choral Rehearsal Success Path!

The Choral Rehearsal Success Path was created to guide you along the path from preparing for your first rehearsal all the way to a successful performance! Each stage is designed to help you through a different part of the process.

With each step of the Path, the Choir Director Corner Membership provides you with different resources to help you to tackle your biggest teaching challenges!

The Choir Director Corner Membership

offers two paths to success:

CDC Community

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CDC Course Library
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Weekly Repertoire Tips
Monthly Online Worshops

CDC Mastermind

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Here’s what you get in the CDC Community:

Online Courses


Workshops and online courses broken up into short, easily digestible lessons, including PDF resources and videos.


Currently you can find courses on:


Streamlining the Choral Rehearsal Process

Includes lessons on The Rehearsal Process, Rehearsal Techniques, and Planning Rehearsals.  Also includes a Lesson Plan Template!


Building Music Literacy Skills

Includes lessons on how to use solfege, Takadimi, and Sight Reading Factory as a literacy tool, as well as some opportunities to practice your literacy skills


Arranging the Choir Based on Vocal Blend 

Includes lessons on the Vocal Placement Process and on the pros and cons of various

Choir Formations


How to Assess Your Choir Members Individually,

Authentically and Efficiently

Includes lessons on both Singing and Written Assessments,

as well as a large collection of PDF rubrics and handouts!


Finding and Selecting Repertoire

For the Busy Choir Director!

This course will take you through the repeatable, step-by-step process

of finding and selecting repertoire!


Flipgrid Essentials for the Choir Director

This course will take you step-by-step through creating classes,

discussion topics, videos, assessments and more in Flipgrid!




Monthly Workshops

Monthly LIVE workshops on a variety of topics where you can ask ANYTHING!  These videos will be archived on the website if you are unable to attend.  Current workshops include:


50 Awesome Choir Warm-ups Webinar


Finding and Selecting Repertoire for the Busy Choir Director!


Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Singers for your Choirs



Monthly Q & A


Monthly LIVE Q & A sessions where you can get your biggest questions answered!  Can’t attend live? No worries–the sessions are recorded and posted inside the membership!



Resource Library

A library of over 40 worksheets, rubrics, templates, repertoire lists and projects to use in your everyday teaching and productivity.



Weekly Repertoire Ideas

Frustrated by your search for repertoire?  Never fear!  I will be coming to you each week in our Repertoire 5 in 5 videos: 5 repertoire ideas, in not quite 5 minutes! 😉

And, there are CDC Recommended Repertoire Lists that include URL links to recordings of each piece!  The lists are organized by voicing and difficulty level to quickly help you find the perfect piece of music for your choir!



Online Community

A Private Facebook Group, where like-minded choir directors can ask questions, offer feedback, and celebrate successes!



As an added bonus, we currently have a 7-day free trial going on, so you can get into the membership content and see all of the awesome resources that are available to you.  




For joining the Choir Director Corner Community Membership, you’ll also receive a special VIP Bonus:


This PDF resource features 75 AWESOME choir rehearsal techniques that you can use to engage and empower your singers!

Looking for a more personal, collaborative experience?


Check out the Choir Director Corner MASTERMIND!


The CDC Mastermind includes EVERYTHING in the CDC Community membership, as well as:


1-to-1 Coaching

Monthly coaching sessions with me on the topic of your choice.  Get personalized coaching as we strategize and troubleshoot whatever challenges you are facing in your teaching!


Unlimited Access

Unlimited access to me via the Voxer mobile app (which is free).  With Voxer, you can reach me anytime via text or voice message.  








What if the cost of the membership changes in the future?

When you join the Choir Director Corner Membership, your price is “locked in”.
As long as you remain a member in good standing, your price for the Membership will stay the same, even if the price goes up!


How do I get access to the CDC Membership Facebook Group?

You will receive sign-up information on the Facebook Group via email.


How will I get access to the membership content?

All membership content will be hosted on the Choir Director Corner website.  Members will get content each month, and get updates via email when new content is available.


What if I ever decide I want to cancel?

While I hope that you never leave the membership, if you do
decide to cancel, you can do so in just a few short clicks.
But my guess is that once you see the benefits and value that the CDC Membership offers, you’ll never want to leave!


Do you ever update content, and if so, do I get the updates?

YES! I will update content from time to time, and as a CDC member, you will always receive updates to content.


If I ever have questions, how do I get them answered?

You can always get your questions answered by simply
posting in our private Facebook Group!


Will I receive anything in the mail?

Nope, everything will be delivered digitally.


This all sounds great! Where do I sign up?

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CDC Community

Try it FREE for 7 Days!
CDC Course Library
CDC Resource Library
Weekly Repertoire Tips
Monthly Online Worshops

CDC Mastermind

Includes Everything in CDC Community, PLUS:
1-to-1 Monthly Coachings
Unlimited Access to Me Via the Voxer Mobile App