How Practice Tracks and Music Literacy can Co-Exist in your Choral Program!


This week on Episode #60 of the Choir Director Corner Podcast, I’m sharing my fantastic conversation with Charlie Kinnison.  Charlie and his wife Carrie run Kinnison Choral Company, which provides practice tracks for choir directors.


I had a blast talking with Charlie, as we dove into how music literacy and practice tracks can co-exist, the incredibly valuable work that Kinnison Choral Company is doing, and how they can make your life as a choir director better!


This is a resource that every choir director should be aware of!  Not to mention, we had a lot of fun talking about topics that you will definitely relate to.


To listen to this episode, go to and check out Episode 60!


To check out Kinnison Choral Company and there fantastic resources for choir directors, head on over to:


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