Podcast Episode #68: Conversation with Paul John Rudoi

Choir Director Corner Podcast Episode #68: Conversation with Paul John Rudoi–Bringing Creativity, Collaboration and Accessibility to the Choral World

In Episode #68 of the Choir Director Corner Podcast I’m sharing my conversation with Paul John Rudoi.  Paul is a conductor, a singer, and a composer–a true choral Renaissance man!  I talk with Paul about his growth as a composer and his compositional process. We also talk about some of his other projects that are designed to bring more opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and accessibility to your choral programs.  You are going to love our conversation, and learn about Paul and his incredible work in the process! 

There are a number of places where you can listen to the episode: 

Apple Podcasts, click HERE.

Google Podcasts, click HERE.

Spotify, click HERE.

You can also find the Podcast on all of the major podcast platforms, as well as here on the website: choirdirectorcorner.com/podcast

To find out more about Paul and his work, head on over to: pauljohnrudoi.com

And to find out more about the Consortio Project, head on over to: consortio.io


I hope you enjoy listening to the episode as much as I enjoyed talking to Paul!


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