The Choir Room is LAVA!


Are you looking for a choir activity that you can do with your choir that will work virtually or in-person?


An activity that will build the solfege skills of your singers?


“The Choir Room is LAVA! Solfege Version” is what you are looking for!


Many of us played “the floor is lava” game growing up. And now, that game is a fun, engaging activity for your choir! The game can be played as part of virtual learning, or played in-person while projecting your screen. Or, you can print off all the materials and play it like an “old school” board game!


Players/teams can move across the board by singing with solfege or by completing some other task, like chanting the example using solfege or by simply identifying the solfege syllables. The game is flexible to meet your learning objectives!


Game materials will be provided in Google Slide format, but you will also receive the materials in PDF/JPG format in case those formats are easier to access.


You will also receive a PDF Game Guide that will walk you through how to play the game and frequently asked questions. There’s even a video tutorial of the game to assist you!


Just click the link to get your copy. Hope you enjoy the game!  And watch your step…..because The Choir Room is LAVA!


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  1. Asael Castillo says:

    Wow I love this idea! I especially love that you can use it online as well! That’s super important since we don’t know when COVID will go away. We might need to be doing things online for a long time. Thank you for sharing!

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